How To Make Money With Blogger And Adsense for Beginners pro blogging tips

 How To Make Money With Blogger And Adsense for Beginners pro blogging tips

how to make money with blogger and adsense for beginners Friends, today I am going to tell you how you can earn money by blogging absolutely for free, that too for whole life.Friends this is the most secure way to earn money on the internet you can earn money very easily with little effort you guys have to do.If you guys are totally new in this field then you don’t need to invest money at all you have to learn the job well first then you definitely don inshallah Friends I am going to tell you some important things if you follow these steps you will be very good income at blogging.We understand the task without wasting time pro blogging tips

How To Make Money With Blogger And Adsense for Beginners  pro blogging tips

Step 1-How To Make Money With Blogger And Adsense for Beginners

Friends, to start a blogging,pro blogging tips  you must first have a Gmail account After that, you just have to open any browser and write on it. Friends, first of all, you guys have to set your mind  that is, to work on this topic, and you guys have to write the name of your topic  and submit it. google provide user  a free domain name then you guys have to use it Google has provided you with a free platform, you can work on it for free, now let’s move on to the next step.

Step2-pro blogging tips

Friends your website is ready with blogspot domain now let me tell you how to customize your website First of all you guys have to choose a good theme which is very simple and takes very little time to load with great ease. You can find many websites that give you themes absolutely free. You can also use blogger themes for free if you don’t like it then you can download it from other website for free it will make your website look good.After uploading the theme, you will also notice that your website will look a bit more professional Guys, let’s move on to our next blogging tips

Step3-pro blogging tips

Friends, this step is very important for you to understand that you have to go to the settings of your blog and from there you have to open the Google search console and go to its properties and enter your domain name. From here your post will come index and Google rank your post.if you don’t do this then your post will not be rank and traffic will not come to your website.If you don’t get your website indexed, all your hard work can go to waste So let’s move to our next step

Step4-How To Make Money With Blogger And Adsense for Beginners

Friends this step is very important for you guys you guys have to create pages on your website like its name home about and contacts us terms condition and whatever post you guys have to write it has create categories and add every post in category. The website would have a good point This will make it easier for your user to find the post and your website will also look good and user-friendly.

Step5-pro blogging tips

Guys, when you have 25 posts and they are indexed with Google, you can apply for Google AdSense, if you get key approval, start advertising on your website. , your earnings will start.Once you have a hundred dollars in your Google AdSense account, you can transfer them to your bank, no matter where you are in the country.We hope you have learned a lot from this article. If you want to follow us, follow our social accounts and stay connected with us for more information.Thank you for your visit

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