Zong 4G Prepaid Bundles & Offers Daily Weekly Monthly Complete Details مکمل تفصیلات

 Zong 4G Prepaid Packages & Offers

Friends today we are going to tell you about Zong packages in detail. We will tell you the codes of all the packages in detail Zong Internet Pakages

Zong 4G Prepaid Bundles & Offers

In which there will be daily package, weekly package and monthly package. Will discuss in detail After reading this article, you don’t have to go anywhere to find package codes, you will get all the details right here.This article is going to be very beneficial for you So let’s go friends, today you get to know about all the packages Zong Internet Pakages

Friends, in this article you will be given more information about the internet package as well as how many sms and minutes and offline minutes you are given, so let’s talk more about the article. with and you inform people of something you are ignorant of.Zong Internet Pakages

How to check Zong Sim Number without Balance

Dial *100# in cell phone.

Then press call button and wait after few seconds the Zong Sim number will be shown on your mobile screen

Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

zong internet pakages

1- 500 sms

2-30mb data

Zong provides Daily SMS and Whatsapp Bundle in which you will get 500 SMS, 100 MMS and 30 MB of Whatsapp data in just Rs. 7


For Subscription: Dial *700# and reply with 1 or SMS < sub > to 700. To Unsubscribe: Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700.

This offer is auto recursive. Dial *102# to check data usage. – Charges 10 paisa+Tax per inquiry

Zong Perfect Package

zong internet pakages

1-100000 on net minut


Zong Perfect Package comes with unlimited on-net calls, 500 SMS and 5MBs of internet for casual browsing during the day.
Zong Perfect package is charged at Rs. 12 Plus tax per day.
This package is valid between 10PM and 7PM (next day) only.


To Subscribe: *118*2#
To Unsubscribe: Send Unsub to 7171

Zong Daytime Offer

zong internet pakages

1-1.5gb data

2-Rs 23
3-1day offer


With Zong Daytime Offer, Get the fastest Zong 4G internet data up to 1500MB in just Rs. 23/day.

  • For Subscription: Dial *47#
  • Offer Duration: Limited Time Offer

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package

pakg full detail here
zong internet pakages

1-500 mint
2-500free sms
3-40 offnet mint

500 Zong to Zong minutes, 40 other network minutes, 500  SMS and 500MBs of mobile internet.

Zong’s this weekly offer comes with a price of Rs.120 + Plus tax.Zong Internet Pakages

Zong Shandaar Weekly package is suitable for those with moderate on-net call needs who want to make occasional off-net calls as well.

500MBs of internet is also enough for basic email, and Facebooking

  • To Subscribe: dial *7#

  • Zong Mega Weekly Offer

  • zong internet pakages

  • Zong Super Weekly 3G / 4G Package
    • 1-2.5Gb data
    • 2-Rs 165
    • 3-weakly
    • Description
    • Zong Super Weekly Package will allow you to use internet throughout the the week. It comes with 2.5GB Limit of mobile internet every week.

    • Zong’s Weekly Super Package will cost you Rs. 165 Plus taxes (where applicable) for every week.

    • Activation Detail

    • To Activate: Dial *6464#
    • To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *102#

    • Zong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly)
    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-1000 free mint
    • 2-40 offnet mint
    • 3-1000 sms
    • 4- 1Gb data
    • 5-weakly
    • 6-Rs 200
    • Zong’s Weekly All in 1 Bundle comes with all sort of resources that you may need for your data and voice needs.

    • Zong All in 1 Bundle for a week offers 1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS and 1000 MBs of Mobile Internet.
    • This package comes with a recharge of Rs. 200.

    • Activation detail

    • Dial *6464# > 4 > 1
    • Or SMS “Weekly150” to 6464
    • To un-subscribe dial *6464#

    • Zong Punjab Offer
    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-150 free mint
    • 2-6gb data 
    • 3-weakly
    • 4-RS230
    • Zong introduces the Apna Shehr package for its Punjab customers. Including 6GB Internet, and 150 Minutes for all networks.

    • Activation detail

    • Punjab customers can subscribe to the offer by dialing *2222#

    • Zong Super Weekly Plus 3G/4G Package

    • zong internet pakages

    • 1- 7Gb data
    • 2-weakly
    • 3-240
    • Get 7 GBs of mobile internet with this Weekly Super 3G/4G package from Zong.

    • Activation detail

    • To Activate: Dial *20# To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *102#

    • Zong Haftawar Load Offer
    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-2500 mint
    • 2-80 offnet mint
    • 3-2500 sms
    • 4-2.5 Gb data
    • 5-weakly

    • In this brand new package from Zong, get 2500 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, 2500 free SMS to any network and 2500 MBs of internet. This new Haftawar Load Offer is available for Rs. 250 Recharge.

    • Activation Detail

    • To Subscribe: Dial *70# To Unsubscribe this offer type “Unsub weekly250” SMS to 6464.
    • Validity: 7 Days

    • Zong Super Weekly Max
    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-30Gb data
    • 2-Rs 300
    • 3-weakly
    • ZongSuper Weekly Max provides 30 GB [10 GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm) + 15 GB Data for YouTube]  of internet volume for a whole week in just Rs. 299 + tax . Enjoy the highest internet volume with Zong 4G.

    • Activation Detail

    • Dial *220# to subscribe this bundle offer. Check usage details of Super Weekly Max by dialing *102# (Charges 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry)

  • Zong Super Weekly Premium

  • zong internet pakages

    • 1- free 100 mint
    • 2-30gb data
    • 3-weakly
    • 4-Rs 330
    • Enjoy Zong’s Super Weekly Premium with 100 Mins for  All Network s and 30 GB Data volume for the whole week.

    • Activation Detail

    • Subscription Code:  *225# Status Code: *102#     Monthely All Bundels Detail   Zong Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle

    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-500 sms
    • 2-30 Mb data
    • 3-monthly
    • 4-rs 50

    • Zong Monthly SMS and Whatsapp Bundle gives (500 SMS and 30 MB of Whatsapp data) Per day for a whole month in just Rs. 50 + Tax.
    • Activtion Detail For Subscription: Dial *705#. To Unsubscribe: Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700. This offer is auto recursive.

    • Zong Shandaar Monthly Package
    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-1000 Sms
    • 2-1Gb data
    • 3-rs 300
    • 4-30 day
    • Zong Shandaar Monthly package comes with 1,000 on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, 1,000 SMS and 1,000 of Mobile Internet. This is a low-end package that comes with monthly charges of Rs. 358 (Including tax). With this package Zong customers with low to moderate usage a freedom of entire month.

    • Activation Deatials

    • To Subscribe: Dial *1000#       You can also send “sub Mahana” to 7091 to subscribe to Shandaar Mahana offer To Unsubscribe: Send “unsub Mahana” to 7091 to unsubscribe Shandaar Mahana offer

    • Zong Monthly 12GB 3G / 4G Package
    • zong internet pakages

    • 1-12Gb
    • 2-30day
    • 3-750
    • This is Zong’s best package for mobile internet and comes with hefty data limit of 12GBs per month. This monthly internet package from Zong is charged at Rs. 750 per month. To Activate:  Dial *6464#To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *102# Free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am 
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