Top affiliate networks And how to work affiliate marketing make 500$ a month

 Top affiliate networks And how to work affiliate marketing make 500$ a month

top affiliate networks Today we are going to talk about affiliate marketing And how to work affiliate marketing make 500$ a month here are some of the most trusted and highly rated affiliate marketing networks.Which we are going to mention in today’s article We will mention the same network which has less requirements and Money is also very good.We will tell you in full detail what you have to do work and how to do it work  it’s not that difficult if you do it wisely I understand you in an order.
top affiliate networks

1-amazon associates

top affiliate networks amazon affliate program it a popular program that is famous all over the world and makes a lot of people good  money this program . There is a very easy way to join this program you open amazon associates Click Register and give your complete details which is your National Identity Card After entering the email name,top affiliate networks  click on Register and your account will be created now All you have to do is copy the affiliate link of any product that interests you and share it with people. If someone buys product  by clicking on your link, you get a commission The most important thing is how  to share the link.Traffic also comes and buys our products.How to do all these things I am going to tell you in affiliate networks

2- How to sell Product amazon affliate program

top affiliate networks So let’s talk about how you should sell the amzone  product First of all you have to create your own social account And their settings have to be done well You have to keep your account active and make a lot of friends If they are interested in your products then you have to link to your products with them Now the question arises how do you know who is interested and who is not? You will find more groups In which people will be asking questions about the product, you have to make them friends with you and then share your post with them. Its affiliates can create their own website and share product details with people and market the product. You can do the same thing with more afliate  network marketing and make it work in a different way and earn good money top affiliate networks
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