Top 5 cryptocurrency Coin best crypto to buy NOW OCTOBER 2022

 Top 5 cryptocurrency Coin best crypto to buy NOW OCTOBER 2022


Friends today we are going to talk about top 5 cryptocurrency  them If you buy them now, they can give you a lot of profit in the future We will tell you in detail what those five coins are and why you should buy them And their market cap and how much profit they can give will tell you all the details and their supply etc will also be shared with you. Now is a good time to buy them and add them to your portfolio If you want to know all the information best crypto to buy NOW OCTOBER 2022 then you can read this complete article 


Top 5 cryptocurrency 

 the top 5 best crypto to buy right now these cryptos can make you Millions as we are in the worst bear Market in crypto history so far it’s safe to say a lot of people are not adding new tokens to their portfolio but this is actually the perfect time to start buying up all coins at a seriously discounted price this is the times where million dollar trades are started that’s why in today’s artical we present you with five well-established projects which we have been buying this week we have included a range of low risk to high risk Investments with number five being by far the most lucrative in our opinion so make sure you stay until the end of the artical to see what the best crypto to buy now is welcome to the website


 anyway let’s not waste any more time and get into it the first token of the artical is a very safe token but we still believe it could be a really strong buy at this time number one polka dot currently polka dot is priced at around six dollars and eight cents with a market cap of just over 7 billion dollars polkadot is currently down eight to five percent for the year but don’t let this put you off as it’s largely due to the bear Market how does polka dot work Paul conduct cryptocurrency is the native token on the blockchain of the same name the blockchain is a way of storing information that works similarly to a database polkadat is gaining interest from investors because is more interactive developers can link blockchains to the pulk of that system and even create entirely new blockchains when investors see developers flocking to new technology it catches their attention polkadot is still very young if you like

Top 5 cryptocurrency

taking risks your investment could pay off big in the long run but it could also go bust if newer better technology comes along and overtakes polkadot while polka dot has many projects in the pipeline it will take some time for its cryptocurrency to see true success the good news is that it already has monetary value in exchanges making it a crypto worth watching I believe that in the next crypto Bowl run we could see polka hit at least around the 20 mark using the crypto profit calculator from just a 500 investment at the current price you could make around one thousand one hundred dollars in profit if the token was to hit just twenty dollars


number two xrp currently xrp is priced at around 48 Cent with a market cap of over 24 billion dollars it is worth noting that xrp is up 40 percent in the last 30 days so the token may drop before the price goes back up again xrp can be used to facilitate exchanges of different currency types with digital technology and Payment Processing Company Ripple labs although this altcoin has extremely low transaction fees critics note it faces legal challenges Ripple and two of its executives are involved in an SEC lawsuit alleging they should have registered xrp as a security and the company says xrp is instead a currency lots of rumors have been coming out lately that it seems like xrp has the upper hand when it comes to this legal battle and people are saying it will come to an end before the end of this year it’s safe to say that if xrp wins this legal battle that the price will Skyrocket to another level and could easily reach new all-time highs in spite of the bear Market

Top 5 cryptocurrency 


especially when the token gets relisted to all major exchanges I believe if this happens we could genuinely see a 10 xrp using the crypto profit calculator from just a 500 investment at the current price you could make around nine thousand seven hundred dollars profit if the token was to hit ten dollars

Chain link

number three chain link currently chain link is priced at around 6.92 with a market cap of over 3.4 billion dollars the token is currently on fire sale at the moment as it is down 74 percent for the year what does chain link do this Innovative project enables universally connected smart contracts and does it in a fully secure reliable and efficient way just like the name suggests the chain link network is used to link chains it uses a decentralized Oracle Network to connect external data sources to various blockchains Beyond being an interesting project with solid real-world applications chain link is also a worthwhile investment the majority of crypto experts and analysts can’t really see this crypto falling any lower and it could be a really worthwhile investment if you are ready to Halt for a couple of years experts predict that the token could reach around 50 in the next couple of years using the crypto profit calculator from just a five hundred dollar investment at the current price you could make around three thousand dollars in profit if the token was to hit fifty dollars

Mina protocol

 Number four mean a protocol currently Mina is priced at 52 cents with a market cap of over 373 million dollars Mina is down 87 percent for the Year by field of the token has still not hit its all-time highs yet what is Mina protocol the native mean of cryptocurrency is used to process mean a crypto Network transactions staking Mina is also available on various platforms Mina coins are also the payment method to incentivize block producers and snarkers who keep the network running efficiently Mina is also the lightest blockchain

Top 5 cryptocurrency

 when it comes to storage and is definitely going to be a viable ethereum competitor if it receives more investment lots of experts see Mina as a really good investment to hold over the next couple of years I wouldn’t be surprised if Mina hit new all-time highs of around seven dollars using the crypto profit calculator from just a 500 investment at the current price you could make around six thousand dollars in profit if the token was to hit seven dollars now time for the final token of today’s artical before


Number five compete currently compy is priced at 0.003 dollars with no listed market cap but using the total Supply and the current price it should be around three million dollars this is a microscopic market cap in comparison to other tokens compy is the in-game currency of the compy game which is currently in development the game looks really good so far from what I have seen of pre-alpha footage and due to the fact the game will be free and released on all platforms it looks like it has a serious potential of becoming viral compy is a gaming token and lots of crypto experts like Alex Becker predict that the next Bull Run will be mainly based on gaming tokens the entire crypto gaming market cap is currently around 6 billion dollars experts believe this will be over 100 billion before the end of 2023. this gives compete a chance to become the biggest crypto gaming token in the entire crypto gaming Bull Run I believe we could see compy hit one dollar which would give it a very realistic market cap of just one billion dollars using the crypto profit calculator from just a 500 investment at the current price you could make around 134 thousand dollars in profit but remember with all these tokens you will need to buy and hold and won’t make instant profits 

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